About us.

We're on a mission to democratize remote talent from emerging countries. Talent exists everywhere

About us.

We empower our small businesses and talent network to grow and make great products.

How we started.

Rolphy Lu Morrell

Straight from working at a hedge fund, I started a cleaning marketplace.

That's an odd place to move to? From finance -> cleaning... there's not too much of a correlation there.

It was a journey to which I have learnt many things, I wanted to start a business and thought the cleaning marketplace was the best place to start. Cleaners are always in demand, people NEED places, events, homes and other things cleaned.

I was right - this was a great business to learn everything you would need in a service business.

However, my co-founders decided to exit to move onto their other projects a couple of months later.

I was short of 2 co-founders, and still had that long to-do list.

I had to build a team quick.

I met Monica, my co-founder and we started hiring and vetting remote workers from all parts of the world. We spent many hours, many days and much effort to interview candidates that we could put in front of customers proudly.

We find the perfect team member after a lot of interviews and applications.

However, that was exhausting.

We decided to build DigiWorks, to unlock the global talent pool for small businesses, to run their operations and growth sides of their business.

We are really product of what we have built today and for the small business, getting absolute star talent from Nigeria, Philippines and South Africa has been a game changer.

The Team

Meet our small team that make those great connections with talent and businesses globally.

Monica Chan

Always looking to make things simpler.

Rolphy Lu Morrell

Getting excited about making an impact.

Jazmine Aromin

The heart of the talent network.

Nadine Pillay

Building beautiful connections everyday.