About us

We're democratising the global talent pool. 

Who are we?

We're disrupting the traditional ways that companies hire talent - by opening up the global talent pool to highly talented remote workers in emerging countries. We're a one stop shop solution for start-ups and solopreneurs. Finding talented workers and managing your team is no longer just for the Amazon's of the world.

Why do we think we're the future of work?

Think about how you're currently hiring. Are you hiring in your domestic market and trying to sift through 100s of CVs? With us, you can leverage our SaaS solution and intelligent matching platform to quickly meet candidates in one-week of our discovery call.

  1. Talk to us about your needs (part-time, full-time, timezone)
  2. Meet the candidates in about one week's time
  3. Start whenever you're ready
  4. Operate with us on a subscription basis, making it incredibly flexible

How do I get started?

Talk to us. Book a call with us at this link!