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Build your global remote team with top vetted talent from emerging countries including South Africa, Philippines and Nigeria - all in one, easy-to-use platform.

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Get matched with great talent from emerging countries in just 1 week.

Thousands of candidates globally go through DigiWorks' skills based assessments. Our AI powered matching tool will then match candidates on factors to eliminate hiring bias'. With our platform, you can easily review, choose and interview candidates based on your needs. Work remotely with your selected candidate. Choose your new team member based on skills!

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Leave staying on top of local laws and compliance with us.

Navigating the legal, HR and accounting aspects for anytime you want to hire a remote team member is hard. Our platform is built to ensure things follow the rules and you can work with your remote team safely.

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Onboard, train and manage your global remote team.

Empower your remote teams with training, employee engagement, performance, development tools and tracking features to fuel positive culture globally.

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Hire. Delegate. Scale.

DigiWorks allows small businesses to scale and find top talent to manage remote teams. Hit your goals by removing the headache from hiring.

1. Get Matched Quickly

Choose the type of talent you need via our platform in minutes.

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2. Review Top Talent

Our AI-powered, intelligent matching tool will curate a selection of candidates' profiles for you from around the world.

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3. Onboard and Train

Set up your new team member and get ready to onboard. Train new team members with our DigiWorks Academy.

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4. Manage Remote Team

View feedback from team members, manage hours, employee engagement, and build your remote team culture with our development tools.

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5. Delegate and Grow

Delegate core tasks to your new team members and start scaling your company quicker.

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